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    It had felt like moons since Hollystar had left her den. Between recovering from losing a life and the down pouring rain, the leader had gotten practically nothing done recently. She took a step out of her den, and was instantly pelted with cold water; the leader flinched, and retreated backwards to the shelter. How was the clan supposed to get anything done with these weather conditions? The slender molly let out a sigh.

    Her thoughts were interrupted by a rumbling in the sky. It was almost like Starclan was angry at the clans- but for doing what? Following the rumble came a white burst in the sky and loud CRACK! The lightning struck a tree right outside of camp, and part of the tree came crashing down onto the forest floor. Hollystar’s hackles rose, and a hiss escaped her jaws. The chaos had frightened her. “Why won’t this storm let up!?” she meowed to no-cat in particular. “That sound scared off any prey that wasn’t already hiding from the rain.”

    Finally gathering enough energy to endure the cold rain, the Thunderclan leader left the shelter of her den, and dragged herself into the clearing. She found a spot under a low tree that blocked out most of the rainfall. If this rain doesn’t let up, what steps will I have to take to make sure my clan is safe? she wondered nervously.


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    The rising storm cracked open the sky, the sudden sound from overhead waking the snoozing warrior. He shot up in his nest with a sharp inhale, green eyes wide open. He stood in front of the den entryway with tall ears pricked. The bad weather has made even hunting a challenge – now there’s tree limbs crashing down, scaring more prey deeper into hiding.

    He walked out into the clearing, messy tabby fur sticking out in all angles from the rough sleep. No matter, as his pelt was quickly soaked by the pouring rain. Lightning flashed, framing his silhouette and casting his long shadow across the ground. Adderface noticed movement in the camp; none other than his leader under the shelter of a tree’s low branches.

    “Hollystar!” he called out in greeting. Soft plat, plat sounds as his paws bounded through the shallow puddles. Water dripped from his chin and ears. “This storm… it means business.”



    Snarlingbadger ~ ThunderClan Warrior 

    A soft smirk was placed along the pale white lips of the feline lowering his big head as he slipped through the brambles that surrounded that edges of the clearing, two drenched grey squirrels were hanging limply from his jaws as he carried the small critters by their tails. Pale yellow eyes flickered as he looked around the clearing of the camp, ears standing upright as he listened to the constant pattern of the rain falling from the sky and soaking the earth. Large paws sinking into the wet dirt, pressing deeply into the mud as he made his way towards the fresh-kill pile, lowering the squirrels onto the pile with a soft thud. Glaring down at the prey, he was worried about the fresh-kills becoming stiff with the wind and the rain, pupils narrowing before he slowly lifted his chin. 

    The large white and black patched tomcat caught sight of his Littermate, Hollystar as she walked out from her den, head tilting slightly as his ears suddenly pointed backwards as thunder screamed into the sky while lightning lit up the darkened surroundings, catching sight of Adderface he decided not to bother his sister. Instead he lifted his chin upward as he gazed up towards the dark grey clouds that hid the blue sky from sight. While quietly watching the sky, his eyes slightly moved towards the swaying tops of the trees as they moved in the harsh winds, small leaves and twigs falling to the ground. Grunting, the large cat looked back down and around the clearing, puddles were forming all along the clearing but they seemed high enough and sloped enough that they wouldn’t flood. 

    Slowly he moved towards Hollystar and Addedface, nodding his head as he barely caught what the other tomcat had said. Eyes flickering to Adderface as he gave a small dip of his head in greeting before looking towards Hollystar. They weren’t the closest of siblings but they were gradually working on their relationship, chin tilting slightly as his fur was plastered to his side. The scars decorating his muzzle and throat were reminders that he could not speak very well, but he was a warrior of the clan nonetheless. 



    Thunderclans Peachy Princess 

    Urg I swear if this rain doesn’t let up soon we might as well say goodbye to our tails! A furiously annoyed Peachpaw forced herself out of the confinement’s of her den, a place she had recently locked herself in, only leaving for herbs and allowing only cats who needed healing in. No unnecessary visitors allowed! An announcement the feline made herself once the stress finally became overwhelming for her.

    By this time the echoing sounds that followed the storms were so common it became more like background noise to the feline. Though the She cat walked with her head up trying to act like this storm was more of a mild inconvenience, her red shot eyes gave away Peachpaws restlessness. It had been days since she slept properly, only finding time to shut her eyes in between the daily task of checking the more vulnerable cats, like the kits and elders.

    The sight of Snarlingbadger gave the feline a slight mood adjustment, Peachpaw had distant herself from the tom trying to do some more growing up before taking on anything too serious, but still the sight of him caused a soft smile to find its way onto her muzzle. Unfortunately that brief moment of happiness faded as she approached her leader Hollystar, giving a small dip of the head to Adderface in the process, “It just keeps falling, I’m fearful of what’s to become of our territory and our clan. Most of the kits have already developed a small cough, I’m doing what I can to help them but,” Her small cream paws shuffling against the muddy earth beneath them, “I’m no Cherrycloud” she admitted to Hollystar. Peachpaw had put off getting her full medicine cat name, after losing two mentors and seeing the unruly mess that she became Peachpaw doubted her abilities as a healer and with this storm blocking her path it served as the perfect excuse to put off traveling for her naming ceremony.



    Kass had been completely content with napping all day in Hollystar’s den, the warmth of their nest too inviting to let go. That being said, the nest was also a lot cozier with her mate in it but she could tell the rain was beginning to make the leader nervous. There was only so much she could do to soothe the molly and once that stopped being enough there was just nothing more she could do and Kass let her leave the den while the blue-gray calico rolled on her side in an attempt to soak up the warmth her mate had left.

    This lasted a couple minutes while the rain steadily poured down on the clan but at some point the rogue had to accept defeat and follow her mate into the cold. She rolled onto her stomach, stretching out her long limbs and blinking the sleep from her bi-colored eyes. A crack of thunder rattled the den, ‘Just one more reason I should stay inside,’ she thought to herself with a moody groan before heading out into the thick of it. 

    Blinking through the rain, the outsider leaped up to get a better view of the clan from the Great Log. While the camp was indeed wet and sodden, the most worrying factor was the stream which was swelling from all the added water. She’d be surprised if the Medicine Cat Den wasn’t already flooding. Taking a couple more mental notes, the she-cat attempted to land on the driest area of the camp, sending mud flying in all directions. Disgusting. The rogue shivered at the feeling before making her way to the increasingly growing amalgam of cats. 

    “We should probably start digging trenches or something if you don’t want the stream to run over into the clan,” she commented in a bored to her mate, as if she were merely commenting on the color of the sky, or how cold the weather was. Her ears twitched at the mentioning of the kits developing coughs, eyes glancing at the miniature medicine cat- an apprentice by name only. ‘The liquid in the air must be getting into their lungs,’ she hypothesized to herself, although she didn’t voice her opinion on the matter, just settled into her usual spot on her mate’s right side.




    “Of course it means business, mouse-brain. Or else it would’ve lightened up ages ago,” the dark furred molly glided over, stationing herself at her brother’s side.

    Nettlefrost glanced over at Snarlingbadger, giving him a jerky sort of “hi, I see you… okay, social interaction done” type of nod. Her fiery amber eyes flickered over to study Peachpaw, giving the other a hard stare before shrugging.

    “You’ve been doing fine, considering all the things you’ve been through.” And. Yes. That’s all she said before Nettle’s attention went to Kass.

    Kass was… Interesting, to say the least. Nettlefrost rarely, if ever, interacted with the molly but she seemed alright. Hollystar liked her and while Nettle wouldn’t throw herself at Kass’ feet and trust her with her life she knew Kass wasn’t planning on slicing her throat yet. Still… Lionshadow had always warned the tabby about rogues, and he’d hated Kass the moment he saw her. She’d be careful, then.

    “Trenches?” Nettlefrost gave Kass a curious glance. “We should move the kits first, of course. The elders may benefit from being moved, too. Peachpaw, do you have all the herbs you need stashed away? The rain will probably render them useless,” Nettle commented. Maybe she can dry herbs….. Can you do that with them having the same effect as normal?

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    A paw full of Thunderclan’s finest appeared one after another. All drawn together to seek refuge from pouring rain alongside their leader. Wasn’t long before Hollystar’s new mate and brother joined them. Adderface would be fibbing to say otherwise – but oh how his eyes wandered to the scarred tomcat. Snarlingbadger didn’t seem to have much to say, just sat down with the ghost of a smirk on his charming face. The brown tabby opened his mouth to speak again, this time to the cat who caught his attention, when he heard a most familiar voice behind him.

    “Nettlefrost!” He grinned ear to ear at his darling sister, always a delight to see the grumpy molly. Adderface had to resist the urge to barrel into her, so as not to make a muddy mess everywhere, but still raised his paw to the crown of her noggin. “Look at you, not so much of a feather-head anymore, ey? I’m so proud of my little nettle,” he chuckled. Raindrops fell from his whiskers.

    He didn’t have much to say on the matters. Trenches would do well to protect the camp from a full blown flood but it would need to be done fast. Adderface wondered about the rest of the forest; already so much damage to their territory, what could be coming of the land beyond the borders? He shook his ears, sure to flick water at Nettlefrost’s direction, and tried his best to pay attention to the task at hand.


    Manna Moth

    Moonpaw had been settled beneath the branches of a bush when she saw her mentor walk past to Hollystar. She noticed more cats coming forward and slipped out beneath the bush to listen. Padding up quietly she waited for a gap in conversation before turning to face Nettlefrost. “What will we do? This rain doesn’t seem to let up, is there anything I can help with?” She didn’t feel right just standing by while the clan was soaked and prey lie out waiting to be caught but she knew better than to sneak out without her mentor’s permission.




    The tabby molly growled, a warning, but it was a fruitless effort as she watched her brother’s muddy paw descend upon her once-clean head.

    “Off!” She snapped, snapping her teeth in Adderface’s direction, making sure to give the other a strong enough shove to make him stumble.

    “You should get your head checked, brother, if anyone has a feather brain it’s the one standing beside me.” Nettle snarked, smirking at the other. The scars along her nose wrinkled as her face scrunched up with the unwelcome drops of water flung her way. Scooping up a bit of mud, the molly made sure to “accidentally” step on Adder’s foot before turning to face her apprentice.

    “Hmm. Peachpaw may need help, I’m unsure. You can check on the elders’ nests, try to get any water you can out of them.”Though I doubt you will be able to, after all this rain…

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