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    After checking on the elders inside of the elder’s den to make sure they were alright for now, Willowfur padded towards the center of the clearing where everyone seemed to be huddling about. Her ears flattened against her head as the rain poured down, flattening the long ginger fur against her lithe body. The shivering almost started immediately, but she ignored it, letting that be the last of her worries. Willowfur’s head tilted when she heard her father and his apprentice were going to swim towards ThunderClan territory, frowning with worry. Was her father completely healed? He must be since Nettlenose and Startledpaw seem fine with it. 

    Startledpaw. Her green eyes dotted to where the tom was, her heart skipping a beat. She was really enjoying spending so much time with him, even though she knew it was wrong. Nothing happened, and nothing probably ever would, but she couldn’t help but know her feelings were so obvious to herself and probably others. At least to Nettlenose. When he called out asking for help, the ginger she-cat raised her tail, volunteering. “I’ll help,” she meowed, padding closer to the gray medicine cat. 

    A strike of lightning lit up the sky with its neon blue, the thunder following it as if it were angered from the disturbance. Willowfur tried not to flinch, but storms weren’t her favorite thing in the world. Hearing Ravenpaw’s voice, she looked around for her apprentice and smiled when he volunteered as well. He seemed a bit unnerved with the storm as well, but she was proud he overcame it to help his Clanmates. He’s going to be a great warrior!



    Startledpaw ~ WindClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

    Blinking through the rain, the young tomcat turned his head as he could hear mud squelching under the paws of Ravenpaw as he made his way towards him with a look of determination upon his face. He blinked slightly for a moment, letting his head tilt as he sized up the other apprentice, he was just a bit younger than Startledpaw but he had a task in mind for the other apprentice. “Thank you, Ravenpaw. If could please go speak to the elders and see how many of them will need to take a different route.” He suggested, Startledpaw knew the eldest cats out of the elder group would have to led a different route, but there could be a few elders that wouldn’t need too much supervision. 

    Cats were beginning to thin out as they started to get other members of the clan ready for departure, head tilted as his bright blue eyes scanned the clearing of the camp, pupil narrowing in on a queen that was worried about her two moon old kit catching a cold being out in weather like this. He could understand her worries, the kit would be drenched to the bone and there was a slight chill to the wind that could cause colds to blossom. But they would have to risk what they could in order to keep them alive. Stepping forth he excused himself into the conversation, the look upon Eveningstorm’s expression was that of relief that he didn’t have to deal with the worried grey and white queen. ”Patchedfeather, I understand you’re concerned for Crowkit. But if we stay here, he will die from either drowning or from starvation if we can’t find a way to feed you.” He explained, keeping his tone gentle and smooth to calm the worried queen. Patchedfeather seemed to be weighing her options before she sighed and gave Startledpaw a simple nod before she headed back towards the nursery to get her kit ready to leave the camp. 

    Nodding slowly he turned around, noticing a particular ginger striped tabby pelt moving towards him. Willowfur. Here lately the two had been spending a lot of time together, she truly was his best friend. However, he was trying to keep his mind and heart from morphing that friendship into feelings he knew he couldn’t have for the molly. Noticing how she lifted her tail and moved towards him, he gave her a single nod of his chin and moved towards her, towering over her by a few inches, eyeing her cautiously as he made sure that her eyes were clear and the water running down her nose wasn’t spotted with mucus. No cold.. He breathed in relief, looking Willowfur in the eyes as he felt his heart skip a beat when she volunteered to help him. ”I would greatly appreciate it.” His deepened voice filtered from his lips, glancing once around the camp for a moment as he used his snout to point in the direction of the nursery. ”Maybe you can see to the queens and kits.. keep them calm.” He urged, looking at her for a moment longer before he gently laid his tail along her shoulders as she seemed visibly uncomfortable while the sky filled with thunder and lightning. ”Everything will be okay..” He comforted her, giving her a crooked grin before the tall dark grey tabby turned on his paws and moved towards the apprentices den, they needed to be warned to get ready to leave and that the smallest of the apprentices would go with him. 



    Ravenpaw dipped their head carefully. “I’m on it.” They said to Startledpaw. They glanced over at Willowfur, their mentor, and smiled a bit before padding over to the elders den.

    The elders weren’t many, but a few have been quivering from the cold, and the rest tried to comfort them. Ravenpaw slipped inside and glanced over the elders carefully, then took a deep breath, getting their attention. “The storm is getting worse, and the water is reaching the camp.” They stammered, but tried to keep a determined tone. “If we stay here, we won’t be able to survive.” The apprentice’s ears fell back from a sudden sound of thunder. A murmur rose from the group, making Ravenpaw shake a bit. “Startledpaw put me in charge of making sure who can travel safely and who needs an alternative route to leave the camp.” They continued, raising their tail. “I know some of you need help, so I can do the best I can to provide that to you.”

    “We’re leaving our camp?” An ragged elder asked in an anxious tone. “I thought the twoleg nest was supposed to protect us!”

    Ravenpaw glanced at the elder. “I thought the same thing. But the storm has become too much and I don’t know how much longer we have. We’ll need to depart soon.”

    Two anxious elders would whine and panic, with the rest trying to hush them. Ravenpaw stepped back for a bit. This isn’t good. How am I supposed to help them when some of them are scared?

    The apprentice perked their ears as one of the elders padded over to them. A long furred tabby stood in front of Ravenpaw, sighing deeply. “I know where some of us can go. Could you make sure to lead us there?” He asked. Ravenpaw’s eyes twinkled a bit. “Of course.” They replied. The tabby elder flicked his tail over to most of the elders. “They’ll be fine with little guidance. However, the others will need help getting through the storm. I’ll volunteer to help with you.”

    Ravenpaw dipped their head. “Thank you, I’ll find some warriors to help out as well.” They replied. “I’ll be back shortly when the departure is set.”



    Willowfur smiled when Startledpaw looked at her and answered, her own heart skipping a couple of beats. But when the thunder kept rolling as if the sky was angry with her, her ears kept flattening to the top of her head. She was worried WindClan wouldn’t be able to get out of the storm to find higher land quick enough, and to make things worse, her father was out there with an apprentice. The ginger she-cat forgot about her nervous thoughts in the same moment the medicine cat apprentice placed his tail on her shoulder. She wanted to press her nose to his cheek for comfort and gratefulness, but stayed back, knowing their Clanmates were probably watching. 

    Okay, I’ll go check on them.” Without saying another word, Willowfur turned away from the handsome tom and headed to the nursery. However, the sight of Goldenrose near the apprentices den stopped her, and she padded to her father’s mate. 

    Are you doing okay?” She asked, looking at the already swelling belly her step mother portrayed. It was odd that Goldenrose was not much older than she was, but love was love, and who was she to judge? “Do you need anything?” Right now, WindClan was short on queens with Goldenrose being one of the few. 


    mahon [owl]


    Owlbelly’s stress has finally gotten the best of him, and though the fluffy tom attempted to stay strong, his body had weakened and the deputy developed a nasty case of greencough and was confined to the medicine cat’s den until further notice. Though the senior warrior felt a bit of guilt for having to take a break from his duties so soon, a part of him couldn’t help but feel relieved to have some time to rest. The past few moons had been filled with a great amount of stress – first the missing clan members, then Wolfstar losing two lives and having to recover. Though, there was still a light in his life when it came to Tinyflame. The two were becoming closer every day and Owlbelly couldn’t help but feel a spark of joy every time he saw her. Everything was looking up.

    The large tom was trying to get some rest, but something kept him from fully falling asleep. The past few days it seemed as if the weather had been getting worse, it was angry and out to harm. The sound of the rain was like an off-key symphony that kept getting louder and louder and the cold chill in the hair had sunk into his bones. A bit of water began to seep into the medicine cat’s den, causing the tom to move back despite the aching pain he felt. The movement caused the deputy to let out a painful cough that shook his body. With a groan, he tiredly looked around the den for a dry spot to sleep. However, the sound of frantic voices in the clearing caused the tom to second guess himself. With furrowed brows and a small nod to himself, Owlbelly reached for herbs, taking mouthfuls of what he saw Nettlenose use the most while he was here. The smell and taste caused his mouth to water, but he wouldn’t dare swallow – the clan needed it. 

    At the sound of his name, Owlbelly glanced up to see Nettlenose searching for him. “Nettlenose,” he mumbled through the mouthful of herbs, “What’s going on? Are we leaving camp?” The deputy tried his best to push himself onto his paws but struggled greatly – the greencough had seriously affected his strength and the tom had begun to look weak. “Let’s go help the others, they need us.” Owlbelly had many questions, but not enough energy to ask them all, his mind was only focused on the rest of the clan. 

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    Startledpaw ~ WindClan Medicine Cat Apprentice

    Pupil narrowed slightly as the feline looked towards the apprentices den, tenderly making his way around the pregnant queen that was currently blocking his way. Nose gently wiggling as he looked among the apprentices that cowered in their nests to try and stay warm. His heart ached for the younger cats, they weren’t used to being put in a predicament such as this. Nor was he, but at least he was graced to be almost a full medicine cat. “WindClan is getting ready to leave camp and make way for ThunderClan territory. I am aware that not all cats here can swim, but I am taking a group of cats that absolutely cannot make it through the deep water. We will be finding a shallower way to cross the lands.” He explained, the tip of his tail twitching slightly for a moment as his bright blue eyes landed upon Snowpaw and then flickered towards Goldenrose. “Snowpaw and Goldenrose, you two will accompany me.” He informed the two cats, Snowpaw was too short to have much luck crossing the deep flood and with Goldenrose still injured from the ground collapsing on top of her.. it wasn’t a good idea for her to strain. 

    He couldn’t help but hear Willowfur behind him as she spoke with Goldenrose, he knew their circumstances were odd but Willowfur always seemed to treat Goldenrose with respect instead of hostility. Leaning down he gave Snowpaw a gently lick behind her ear, comforting his small cousin. “It won’t be that bad. Keep an eye on Goldenrose for me.” He whispered softly, before he turned and his gaze instantly found Willowfur. Her pelt was sticking to her slender form as she chatted with Goldenrose, blinking for a moment he felt his cheek get hot as he walked past the feline, but not without gently rubbing his side against her own as he walked back into the down pour outside. Searching for Nettlenose.


    Goldenrose ~ WindClan Queen

    The pregnant molly stood to the side when Startledpaw entered the den, ear twitching as he spoke about WindClan leaving their camp. Although she wasn’t surprised, however she was surprised that Wolfstar had spoken to her before he had left. She had seen him leave the camp with Thistlepaw in tow, now she knew what for. Irritated with her mates reck-less behavior she gave of a soft huff before she heard a gentle voice asking her if she was alright. Head turning away from the dark grey striped apprentice to look into the gentle face of her step-daughter, Willowfur. A familiar and welcome face. “I’m doing fine, thank you.” She reassured the other she-cat, although if she was honest her side was beginning to bother her. However if they were about to embark on a small journey, she would keep her thoughts to herself. 

    She glanced over Willowfur shoulder blade as she noticed that Startledpaw was whispering something to Snowpaw but her attention was then brought back to Willowfur as she was questioned if she needed anything, a soft sigh leaving her lips. “Three small rabbits and warm nest and I would be golden.” She joked softly, using her head to tenderly heat butt the slightly younger cat on the shoulder blade. “Don’t worry too much about me. No matter what your father said.” She smiled softly, looking at Startledpaw as he walked by them, she couldn’t help but notice the way his gaze lingered a bit too long on Willowfur or the way he nonchalantly allowed his fur to brush Willowfur. They certainly seemed cozy. She thought curiously, before looking back to Willowfur



    Tinyflame was well aware of the severity of the situation, WindClan’s camp was flooding to the point that they could no longer stay there and the rain continued to pour despite this. Ever consistent were the dark and heavy rain clouds that loomed overhead, giving her an ominous feeling of foreboding. Yet, even though her entire clan was suffering due to this catastrophe, the tiny warrior found her attention selfishly redirected onto one clanmate in particular– the WindClan deputy, Owlbelly. The two of them had been getting considerably close lately, even if neither one of them had put any official labels on their relationship, she understood that there was still a mutual establishment of the magnetic force that drew them to one another. Said force was pulling her even now, as the tom she fancied struggled with greencough, quarantined to the medicine cat’s den to prevent the illness from spreading to the rest of the clan in the worst time possible. 

    She had done her best to keep her distance, to place all of her trust in the wisdom of Wolfstar and the skills of Nettlenose to treat Owlbelly of his cough, but when the WindClan leader announced that they would soon be leaving and to begin to gather each other in preparation to abandon their camp, all of Tinyflame’s willpower vanished and she made a beeline straight for the medicine cat den. “Owlbelly? Nettlenose?” The ginger warrior’s head peered into the crevice of the den just in time to witness the two-toned tom struggling to get to his paws. Without hesitation, or even asking for permission if the sickness was still contagious, she went to his side to help support his weight. Even if he was a large tom and she, a small she-cat, Tinyflame was not physically weak and she was able to hold her own enough. “How are you feeling?” She asked him, glancing hesitantly at the herb stock that she knew they may not be able to save.


    aspen (turnip)

    Aspenpaw 🍃 Windclan Apprentice

    Oh stars. The storm seemed to get angrier and angrier, clash of thunder only a beat behind lightning flashes. What have we done to upset Starclan? Aspenpaw couldn’t help but worry for what their ancestors planned for the clans, and wonder what could have brought this wrath upon them. But all this wondering and worrying would have to wait, Windclan needed her! She leapt to action, having heard that some cats may need an alternate route to safety. Whew, she thought, let’s leave the swimming to Riverclan, shall we?

    Peeking over at the elder’s den, she noticed a denmate beginning to step out. Hmm, Crow– No, Ravenpaw! Yes, she liked to try to memorize all her clan-mates names. “Ravenpaw!” she called to them, speckled paws thumping over the wet earth. “Can I help lead the elders?”

    “How can you lead if you don’t know the way?” one elder remarked and turned to her with foggy eyes, their pelt bristling as the storm continued its rage outside.

    Aspenpaw smiled and continued gently, “I might surprise you. There isn’t a lot of the territory I haven’t explored yet.” She stepped into the den, careful not to brush her wet bicolor pelt against the former warriors and queens. “We will all leave together, with the guidance of Starclan and Windclan’s wisest.”



    Nettlenose trotted with hurry into the medicine den, her eyes adjusting to the softer light, the sound of the storm still rushing apparently in the background and echoing within her paper-thin ears. Her emerald gaze settled on Owlbelly, who she was here to collect, his mouth crammed with herbs. The medicine cat’s heart gave a pang at the gesture, he was always thinking of the clan even in his illness.

    “Easy, Owlbelly. You’re still too sickly to be exerting yourself.” The cream colored tabby said softly, her tone soothing as ever. She had noticed Tinyflame had come along to help, and was grateful for the assistance. “Everything is under control, Wolfstar is handling things. Tinyflame and I are here to escort you out. You can help me out by hanging onto those herbs you’ve grabbed.” She said, knowing how badly the deputy must want to assist his clan during such a time.

    “We’re moving to Thunderclan’s camp for the time being….Tinyflame, will you support him on that side?” The medicine cat asked, nodding her nose to Owlbelly’s far side. She briskly grabbed a few herbs herself after nosing through a pile and then came to his other side, shifting her pelt against his and pressing weight into him.



    Ravenpaw glanced around, trying to think of who would want to help with the elders. It seemed like everyone had something to do…

    Aspenpaw would startle them a bit, but Ravenpaw relaxed. Oh!! She wants to help!! Ravenpaw beamed a bit, waving their tail as they glanced over at the elders, hearing the one making a remark.

    “O-Of course you can help!” Ravenpaw exclaimed. “I was about to try and ask clanmates if they want to help but…” They perked their ears. “This won’t be an easy departure.”

    The tabby elder shuffled his paws. “With Starclan’s guidance, we’ll travel safely.” He said. “Thank you, young ones.”

    Ravenpaw shivered a bit. “You’re welcome.” They replied. Again, most of the elders will be fine on their own, but there’s going to be the ones who will need help. 


    Snowpaw had hurried along with the rest of her clanmates, sticking by Goldenrose, worried to leave her side.

    She took a quick glance up towards the sky, blinking away in rain drops that infiltrated her eyes, and sent up a quick prayer to Starclan for everyone’s safety.


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